Comparison of profiles

The charts below are depicting a direct comparison between the NACA 64 series profile (red) used in all competitor aircraft and the Beast Horus airfoil (blue) at a Reynolds number of 5M. In order to show something better resembling the conditions at stall speed, there is also a dashed curve for Reynolds 500k.

It can be clearly seen, that there is a more than 26% advantage in lift for cruise condition (at the same drag), which is responsible for the tremendous gain in efficiency compared to other similar aircraft.

For landing conditions, the increased lift is also complemented by the lack of the abrupt stall, resulting in a very gentle and predictable stalling behavior.

Laminar wing profiles have been en vogue for performance aircraft for many years already, resulting in a lot of drawbacks, such as unpredictable stalls and heavily decreased performance in rain condition.

The drag profile clearly shows, that improvements are still possible when not focusing solely on top speed.