Raging Elk

The smallest and lightest HPB in the world

Is it the smallest sportsboat, or the coolest pedal boat?

It doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is it’s super light weight, the fun you will have riding it and that everyone will turn their head when you pass by.

Originally designed only for myself and a friend from Switzerland, the Raging Elk has gained some attraction wherever we had them driving. If there is one single thing that we learned from our previous boats:

It can NEVER be too light

So, the Raging Elk is the outcome of multiple years of research and development to get a boat that can be carried single-handed by one person!

Technical Specification


The RagingElk is extremely versatile. Be it the small dimensions, the low weight, or the flexibility who can ride, the technical specs do not have to hide.

As the negative mould is still available, we have the possibility to custom build a few boats. These are handbuilt completely in Austria. Both Carbon and wooden version are available. The whole drivetrain is built from 6060 alloy aircraft aluminum.

In case you are interested in buying one, please contact us at office@beast.aero